Monday, December 22, 2008

Yarn Dilemma

After some deliberation, I resolved my color problem on the black hat to be felted. I decided it would be easier to knit the whole hat in black and then duplicate stitch the colors on. It would be rather time-consuming to duplicate stitch all of the diamonds around the hat, so I decided to just put an emblem on the front of the hat. The emblem will be better than the diamonds, anyway.

So, now that I have that figured out, I have been working more on the black sock. Until I ran out of yarn. Well, I didn't really run completely out of yarn.

This yarn comes in 50g skeins and 'they' say that 50g will make one sock, so I bought two skeins. I have decided that I like my socks a little bit longer than most patterns call for, so when I came to the end of the first skein, I didn't have quite a whole sock. Fortunately, a local knitter friend has an extra skein of the yarn I need. So, when I can get that, I will be able to finish the black socks.

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