Thursday, August 28, 2008


I got to play with M&Ms for my homework assignment last night. I had so much fun with it that I didn't think about taking a picture of my M&Ms until it was too late. I had to search online for a picture to include.

The class is Statistics and we are studying about probabilities. According to the Mars company, who makes M&Ms, there are certain percentages of each of the six colors in any bag of M&Ms. Blue: 24%, Orange: 20%, Green: 16%, Yellow: 14%, Brown: 13%, Red: 13%.

100 samples of two M&Ms were to be drawn. This is 'with replacement' which means putting the two M&Ms back in the bowl before drawing two again. Based on these percentages provided, the assignment asks to calculate the probability of two browns and two blues, and two greens out of the 100 drawings.

I found this very interesting. I made a chart on Excel to record my findings. After I pulled the 100 samples, I didn't want to stop. So, I counted the whole bag. I discovered that the percentages given in the book were not what was happening in this bag of 465 M&Ms. Here is what I found:

Blue: 31%, Orange: 34%, Green: 10%, Yellow: 8%, Brown: 8%, Red: 9%. My blue and orange counts were higher and the others were lower.

Fortunately, I'm not a chocoholic, which allowed me to have fun with this experiment. I did have to fight the other household chocoholics off, though! (Cooper still doesn't understand that her coloring does not come from chocolate!)

Speaking of Cooper, I appreciate the comments from yesterday's post. (Now I know how to get people to respond to my blog!) :) Yes, we think she's beautiful. She's not really that helpful, though. Her head on my leg is what she usually does if I'm eating something and she's hopeful about licking the plate or bowl. Frequently, while I'm knitting she will rest her paw on my arm because she would rather I pet her than play with yarn. And I usually do. That's probably why it takes me so long to get anything knitted, that and homework and the tv and people talking to me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


After receiving some helpful advice, I decided to frog the PRS. Cooper is helping. The fabric just wasn't turning out quite like I would like. I'm now using the size zero needle and the largest amount of stitches that the pattern calls for. I'm at two inches on the first sock and I'm liking the results better. Some day (month or year) I will finish the first sock and be able to start the second.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday Chillin'

It's been a fairly relaxing day. It started off with breakfast with my son and his mate. It all went fine except for my little choking incident. I will not be giving any details about that. Then some leisurely shopping and home for studying and napping.

Yesterday started off with a great new Saturday morning KIP venture at a new location. We may not return there for KIP, but the five of us had a good time. It was chilly and I thought maybe it was September instead of August.

I was working on my restart of the Pink Ribbon Sock yesterday and discovered a dropped stitch a few rows back. This was while we were sitting outside. I chose not to mention it and quietly put it away. After some thought, I decided to start over again. I know, you're not surprised. I had been trying it on and I just didn't like how stretched the ribbing looked when I put it on. So, I'm going with a bigger needle just for the top part of the sock.

Meanwhile, I should be studying. OH, and doing my homework problems and reading two chapters in Statistics. Harumph! I'd rather be Knitting.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Calm Now

Things have calmed down quite a bit, thank goddess. Here is a picture of the Pink Ribbon Sock designed by SugarBunnyBlvd I've already started over on it once (as seems to be my habit lately), but restarting a sock is Much better than restarting a sweater!

I'm making some decent progress on my green cardigan. I will try to post a picture of that soon.

School is going well right now. I began the statistics class this past Thursday. So far, I'm not too concerned about it. There will be a lot of reading and thinking.

My biggest news right now is that I got a new car last week. I haven't taken a picture of it yet and won't be able to until the next few days because it's in the shop having some detail work done.

There was a great group of KIPers at Panera yesterday. We filled up the middle table area. It was nice to see everyone: some regulars, some that I haven't seen in awhile, and a new one. Next week will be a different location, which I'm looking forward to.