Monday, December 22, 2008

Yarn Dilemma

After some deliberation, I resolved my color problem on the black hat to be felted. I decided it would be easier to knit the whole hat in black and then duplicate stitch the colors on. It would be rather time-consuming to duplicate stitch all of the diamonds around the hat, so I decided to just put an emblem on the front of the hat. The emblem will be better than the diamonds, anyway.

So, now that I have that figured out, I have been working more on the black sock. Until I ran out of yarn. Well, I didn't really run completely out of yarn.

This yarn comes in 50g skeins and 'they' say that 50g will make one sock, so I bought two skeins. I have decided that I like my socks a little bit longer than most patterns call for, so when I came to the end of the first skein, I didn't have quite a whole sock. Fortunately, a local knitter friend has an extra skein of the yarn I need. So, when I can get that, I will be able to finish the black socks.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Need Some Knitting Advice

I'm making this hat that's going to be felted. It's knit in-the-round with color changes. (See my blog post for September 28 for picture) I very carefully measured how long I would need each piece of color so there wouldn't be long strands on the inside. So, now I'm on the second row of color and, because of knitting in the round, the piece of the yarn I need to work with is on the wrong end of the area.

Because of the size of the color blocks in this pattern, it should be done as intarsia, not fair isle. I really don't want to have to measure out a piece of yarn for just a few stitches in each color block on each row!

This is supposed to be a Christmas gift, but that means finishing it some time this month. I don't now if that's going to be able to happen now. I'd rather be working on my black sock.

I'm hoping some knitter out there who has intarsia, in-the-round, to-be-felted experience will read this and help me know what to do.