Saturday, May 23, 2009

No SSS For Me

Second Sock Syndrome, that is. A lot of knitters struggle with this issue. When I get a first sock done, I can usually hardly wait to start the second one. 11 more rows and I can start the heel. I'd like to think I could get this one finished before my gallbladder removal surgery, but that's just a week and two days away, so I'm not sure. I should have lots of knitting time while I'm recovering, though, although I should be studying, too. Well, I shall try to be balanced.
It's Saturday morning and I'm at Panera, waiting for other knitters to show up. It's 8:30 and no one else has arrived yet. It makes me think that maybe no one will. And that's okay. At least I'm getting some quality knitting time, except for that I'm on the computer, too. Sometimes I like to multi-task. This is actually what I do when I'm at home, too. I have my little baby laptop on while I'm knitting. I can't seem to find time to update my blog lately except while I'm at Panera, waiting for other knitters to show. It's a very nice day, so maybe they're all outside somewhere enjoying the beautiful weather.