Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today is March 28, 2010. I decided to update my blog before a year has gone by. I think I stopped blogging when I became involved in Facebook. Now, I have joined a Yahoo group for machine knitting and the rules suggest having a blog. It's important to follow rules.

Yes, I now have a knitting machine! Hence, the picture above. I've had it for a few weeks and am taking lessons. I will be making a lightweight kimono to wear around the house as my first project.

The Temperance socks in the previous post have been finished since August. I wear them about once a week. They fit well once I get them on, but putting on and taking off are a little strenuous due to the short row heel. I don't plan to make any toe-up socks again.

I went to a class at Knitting in the Heartland in Overland Park yesterday. I learned some nifty stuff, like knitting backwards, crochet cast on, and Norwegian purling. It was fun, but being with family was even funner!