Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One Sleeve On

The pumpkin sleeve is sewed on.
Next is weaving in the candy corn ends.
I'm beginning to think this is yet another sweater that is too small for me. I guess I don't realize how big I really am. Maybe I'll make another one - in the right size . . .

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Halloween Checkerboard

It's not perfect. Oh, well, maybe no one will notice.
Finishing weaving in ends is next.
I'd rather be working on the Wright sweater or the bolster pillow cover or a pair of socks.
I ordered the Rusted Root pattern from Zephyr Style because I saw one finished today at my LYS, Twist. (Some day I'll put that button on my blog.) I thought I was supposed to get an email about how to download the pattern, but I haven't yet. Maybe that's what my white yarn wants to be.
Took Cooper for a drive in my car this evening. She puked - a lot. I won't post a picture of that.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Halloween Upate

I can't believe it's been since last October that I posted any pictures of the Halloween cardigan! So, here it is with all the pieces finished.

The sleeve with pumpkins will be on the left.

The right, candy corn sleeve.
Now, I just have to weave in some loose ends. I suppose I SHOULD block it, since it's cotton and wool Cotton Fleece. I've never really understood Blocking, but I've tried it a few times just because I thought I was supposed to. It's never seemed to help. I'm open to suggestions.